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Become a Kids Care Club Facilitator

You can start a Kids Care Club with a school class, an after-school program, a club within any youth organization, or even with a group of neighborhood children. Anywhere that there are kids working together to help others, there is a Kids Care Club in the making. As a facilitator, it’s easy to choose a schedule and activities that work for you and your club members.

Some answers to your facilitator questions are below.

Who will participate?
Kids Care Clubs come in many sizes. It could be a few kids interested in volunteering, one school class, or an entire grade or youth organization.

What will the club do?
You can choose your own projects based on the age of the kids involved, the needs in your communities, and your personal areas of interest.

When will the club meet?
Choose a schedule that works for you and your members. Some clubs meet weekly or monthly, others meet a few times a year.

Where will the club meet?
Kids Care Clubs encourage on-site projects whenever possible, but many can also be completed at a regular meeting place.

How much does it cost to register a club?
Registration is free!

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Start a Club for Middle and High School Youth

Bring a smile to someone in a hospital, a shelter, a nursing
or veteran's home with a cheerful Kids Care Giggle Bag.


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Memorial Day is May 26th
How will your club recognize military families and honor those who have served this month? Visit our Project Index, select a service project and start planning to make a difference today.


National Volunteer Week is April 21-27. This is the perfect time to volunteer with your Kids Care Club!

Learn how your Club can participate! 


Global Youth Service Day is April 26-28. Have your Club participate in the worlds largest service event.

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Your club can help children living in shelters or in foster care by assembling simple Kids Care Clubs Healthy Kid Kits. These kits can also be sent around the world!

Share Cynthia Lovell's book, The Star - A Story to Help Young Children Understand Foster Care


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