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Feed The Hungry -- Kids CAN Do It! Projects

Kids Care Clubs
Feed The Hungry 
Kids "CAN" Do It Projects

In America, food banks and soup kitchens are serving more people with fewer economic resources.  Your club can help by donating non-perishable food or donating cash so agencies can purchase items such as meat and milk in bulk.   Check out the project ideas below to see how your club "Can Do It!


Kids Care Clubs March for Hunger

Earn money by staging a "March for Hunger" right in your very own school. It is fun, great exercise and your efforts will feed the hungry.


Steps Involved
Before the March 

  1. Explain why you are "marching for hunger" and how the march will work. Explain that the kids will ask sponsors to pledge per "lap" around a course or one set amount of money for their participation in the March.
  2. Decide whether the march will take place in the gym, hallways or outdoors.
  3. Get permission to hold your march during lunch, physical education class or after school.
  4. Call on extra volunteers to help with the march.
  5. Set a time limit for the duration of the march.
  6. Create a flyer advertising the event. Include information about the agency and the details of the march for the sponsors.
  7. Create a separate flyer for the participants describing the march and the appropriate clothing to wear.   
  8. Make up a Kids Care Clubs Pledge Card or Sheet.  The children should ask family and friends to sponsor their participation in the March for Hunger. (Do not send children door to door unless accompanied by a parent).
  9. Ask your town's newspaper to cover the event to publicize how your club is feeding the hungry.

The Day of the March

  • Organize the volunteers to help with the course.
  • Pin index cards to the back of a child's t-shirt or the child can carry a card.
  • As the child goes around a lap or completes the March, the volunteer will mark the card.
  • Volunteers tally the laps and verify the pledge card to be brought back to the sponsors.

After the March

  1. Kids collect their pledges and thank their sponsors.
  2. Take the funds to a bank and make a check out to the organization you are helping.
  3. Deliver the check and take a tour of the facility, if possible.
  4. Thank all volunteers and any merchants who helped out. 
  5. Submit a picture to your local newspaper describing the event if they did not cover the event.
  6. Complete a Club Response Card.

Kids Care Clubs Door to Door Can Collection Bag of Groceries

One of our Kids Care Clubs had great success with a neighborhood food collection. Here's how kids CAN do it!

  1. Call local food banks or pantries, soup kitchens, shelters (if they serve food), and social services, and ask them what type of canned goods are needed at this time.
  2. Use the Feed the Hungry Neighborhood Flyer found under Club Activities on the right side of this page or create a flyer introducing your project and listing the types of non-perishable foods you are collecting.
  3. Name the beneficiary of your collection. Don't forget to put the date of pick up on your flyer.
  4. Attach to a grocery bag. Leave the bag and flyer in the mailbox or at the doors of houses in your neighborhood. Children should go in groups or with an adult. You do not have to ring the bell or talk to anyone inside the house.
  5. Pick up bags for delivery.
  6. Sort for expiration dates.
  7. Deliver to your selected organization.

Kids Care Clubs Wall of Cans stack of cans

Making a Wall of Cans is a fun visual for everyone to see how many cans your club has collected, as opposed to putting them in boxes or bags.

  1. Get permission to use a safe space, against a wall, to build a "Wall of Cans."
  2. Contact local food bank, pantry, or soup kitchen and ask what types of non-perishable food items are most in need.
  3. Make a flyer for your school or religious institution. State where you will be building the wall, when people can drop cans off, the types of food most needed.
  4. Assign different grades or groups a different size can. Large juice cans, large tomato sauce or fruit cans, coffee cans, medium vegetable cans, etc.
  5. Build your Wall of Cans no higher than four feet for safety, with the large cans at the bottom. Watch you wall grow over the week(s)!
  6. Take a picture for the local newspaper.
  7. Sort cans for expiration dates and deliver the cans to the organization your club has selected.

Kids Care Clubs Cans for Cash for the Hungry bottles

  1. Distribute flyers stating you will be collecting cans and plastic soda bottles for redemption.
  2. Designate the days, time and location that cans and bottles can be dropped off. State the organization that will benefit from your drive.
  3. Redeem items and bring cash to a bank for a bank check. Present the check to your designated organization.

Kids Care Clubs Pennies for Hunger Collect "Pennies for Hunger"

  1. Ask children to look in pockets, under sofas, in their cars or in their piggy banks for pennies. List on your flyer where and when to bring the pennies and the organization that will receive the money.
  2. Display them in a large plastic bottle with a poster stating that you will be collecting pennies for the hungry and the organization that will receive the money.
  3. Redeem pennies at a bank and present a bank check to your designated organization.

Kids Care Clubs Share-a-Snack

Many elementary school children still enjoy "snack time" in mid morning or in the afternoon when they come home from school. You can supply snacks for homeless children in a shelter by holding a "Share-a-Snack" Day.

  1. Contact a homeless shelter or soup kitchen to see which snacks would be appropriate for your club to donate. Healthy snacks are most desirable.
  2. Make flyers and posters advertising Share a Snack Day
  3. Ask Children to bring in a healthy snack along with their snack to school. Juice boxes- (100% fruit juice is healthiest), granola bars, small applesauce or fruit containers and dried fruit are some good ideas. Ask if the agency will accept fresh fruit.
  4. Deliver your snacks to the agency your club has selected.

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